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Our Programmes

CNH provides experiential learning experiences that incorporate community, nature, and heritage. Our programmes are delivered through five domains: Leadership and Adventure, Service, Chinese Language and Culture, Globalization and Modernisation, Environment and Sustainability.


All educational programmes are designed and facilitated by talented educators experienced in adventure- programming, service-learning, language studies and cross-cultural facilitation. We pride ourselves on our commitment in creating a rich and transformative learning experience.

Our programmes have been taught as a unit within the IB Programme, binding seamlessly with school's current curriculum. CNH has been in partner with over 20 international and local schools in Hong Kong.


Outdoor educational programmes operating since 2013 and well-loved by international & local schools.

Summer Camp

CNH Summer Camp full of  adventure and hands-on experiences will run in the first three weeks of the summer.

Equipment Rental

Corporate & Public

Tailor team-building and annual corporate programmes from 1-3 days including food and/or accommodation.

For rentals, food & beverage, private tours and general enquiries

Outdoor Activities

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