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CNH Summer School 2023

The CNH Summer Camp runs for four weeks in the summer. The program is split into three main themes (each long five days, four nights) and two age groups (Junior Programme and Senior Programme). You can select a one-week or two-week option for your child.

Junior Programme

Ages 12-15

Self-exploration, Challenge, Interpersonal Skills

Our Programme will provide your child with a perfect blend of learning, adventure activities and hands-on experiences.

We work hard to ensure that your children will settle as quickly as possible and that every child feels confident and cared for. Every child will quickly become a part of our summer community throughout our pastoral care and “icebreaking” and “get to know each other” activities.  Students will learn how to identify their strengths and develop areas for growth. At the end of the day, experience sharing will help them express themselves and learn about other people's ideas or feelings.


Senior Programme 

Ages 16-18

Self Sufficiency, Self Enhancement, Stepping outside of the comfort zone

Our Senior programme will provide students with opportunities to become fully self-sufficient young women or men. Throughout our activities and workshops, students will become more resilient and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively. Students will learn how to prepare themselves for outdoor activities, clean up after themselves and become confident in making important decisions. All our activities provide students with a range of difficulties; it is only on them to choose how big a challenge they want to undertake. Our team will always be there to support and encourage them.

​The registration deadline is 30th of April 2023

Natural Tie Dye Workshop.jpg
White Sand and Stone

Theme A: Create New Hobbies

Demonstrate and build new competencies through various individual and team tasks. Take part in our sustainable arts workshop, cooking lessons, classic dance lessons and music-making workshop.

Sustainable Arts Workshop

There is no need for art supplies in Pak Lap. Sandy beach is our canvas, flowers can be transformed into paint and rocks, and Pak Lap Tsai can become statues. It all depends on our imagination and creativity. 

Cooking Lessons

The workshop is not just about enhancing your culinary skills and knowledge but enhancing your communication, planning and priority skills while cooking. The campers will also learn how to appreciate food and sharing at the end of the workshop. 

Classic Dance Lessons

Learning a few basic steps and following a simple rhythm is effortless. Things get complicated once you add one or a few people to it. You have to stay focused, gentle and kind. Classical dance is not only about steps and beat but also about manners, etiquette and smiling. Pak Lap sky and moon will observe all this from above.

Music Making Workshop

You can enjoy the luxury of going online and buying any musical instrument that will be delivered to us within 24 hours. Students in Pak Lap can be able to play music even faster. Our music-making workshop will teach them how to build elementary music instruments and how to compose their first music as a member of our Pak Lap Outdoor Orchestra.


Theme B: Climb to New Heights

Sharpen and develop leadership skills while exceeding physical and perceived limits through Rock Climbing, Abseiling, First aid, Search and rescue and advanced camp crafts.

Rock Climbing & Abseiling

Climbing and abseiling are exciting and challenging adventure sports. They involve individual physical, mental, and emotional elements. Skills and knowledge involve basic climbing skills, belaying techniques, tying knots, route finding, and assessing risk.


Camp Crafts

Camp crafts are activities that aim to teach participants about camping skills. These activities include shelter building, damper marking, fire starting and water collection. These activities are suitable for participants of all ages and abilities.


Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue scenarios will be designed using the unique environment in Pak Lap. Campers can learn appropriate incident-handling skills to conduct a search & rescue operation by focusing on teamwork, communication and incident prevention.


First Aid Workshop

In this session, campers will learn how to deal with an emergency and care for an injured person. The purpose of a first aid workshop is to teach how to avoid injury and what to do to take care of others in case of an unexpected injury.

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Theme C: Community, Nature and Harvest

Learn and participate in both modern and traditional agricultural practices. Contribute to our Pak Lap Garden project, Local Recycling programme, Leave No Trace workshop and Sustainable Solutions workshop

Garden Project

Participants will learn how to plant and cultivate plants at our Pak Lap Garden site. This will allow them to experience gardening and the life cycles of plants. Participants will have a chance to go fully hands-on in gardening using compost from the food waste machine from the café in Pak Lap. 

Local Recycling Project

We all know that plastic bottles belong to plastic waste and that cardboard boxes to paper waste, but what to do with all this waste afterwards and what is the most effective and sustainable solution? Let's work on this together and make Pak Lap a better place for people coming here after us.

Leave No Trace Workshop

Outdoor venues and locations need help to sustain themselves with a shear number of people that want to recreate and enjoy them. Leave No Trace is an international organization with a curriculum on minimal impact practices and outdoor ethics. Skills and knowledge involve learning the 7 principles and developing skills in minimal impact practices and techniques. 

Sustainable Solutions Workshop

It is not hard to identify the problems in our lives. The fun part is to see them as a challenge and to find a solution that can turn them into something beneficial for all of us. We will support our students in searching for those challenges, planning a good solution and executing afterwards. 

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