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Pak Lap Wan, Sai Kung

Nestled in the beautiful and verdant hills of the Sai Kung Country Park, Pak Lap Wan is described as the “Maldives of Hong Kong”; ideal for relaxation, holiday retreat and outdoor activities. The village has a unique century-old “Fung Shui Wood’ that provides a habitat for a variety of flora and fauna. Pak Lap Wan is perfect for hiking excursions. The scenery along the way is exquisite, hikers can feast their eyes on the range of lofty hills.

Our Pak Lap location offers groups a choice of tent camping or hostel facilities with A/C, hot water, private toilets/showers and beds. Additionally, our Pak Lap restaurant provides 3-daily meals catered to your groups’ dietary needs and preferences. Programme learning components in Pak Lap include:

Adventure, Orienteering, Snorkeling, Rock climbing, Abseiling, Sea Kayaking, Hiking, Camping, Orienteering, Snorkelling, Yoga

Environmental Sustainability & Service:
Beach clean-up, Ecology study, Geo-Park tour

Leadership & Team Challenges:
Raft and Shelter Building, Pak Lap Challenge, Mission Impossible

High Island

Leung Shuen Wan
In the 1930s and 1940s, “Leung Shuen Wan” was a prosperous trading hub for fishermen’s trade, even more than Tsim Sha Tsui. However, since the four main families have emigrated, most of the houses have fallen into disrepair. CNH is planning to assist in the restoration of the old village houses and the “Leung Shuen Bay Public School”, which will serve as a base for natural history education and science outreach. 
Tung A as a sheltered coast provides calm waters around the mariculture raft, giving it the perfect training site for diving beginners.

Students can learn how to dive, observe various marine organisms and its habitats, and understand the sustainable symbiotic lifestyle of human being with nature, enabling the young generation to explore nature through exposure to the marine world.

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CNH plans to welcome students for Summer & Winter Camps in 2023. Located in Niseko, Hokkaido - the compound is set next to a ski trail, ideal for ski-cations, cultural immersion and hot springs. In summer, there are river rafting, mountain hiking, natural exploration, horse riding and farm visits. Niseko is a home-away-from home adventure for young leaders.

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