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Our Venues

Pak Lap, Sai Kung

Located in the most eastern part of the New Territories, the district of Sai Kung is rich in ecology, geology, culture and history. It is one of the Hong Kong Back Gardens attracting city dwellers from all over. And nestled within the beautiful and verdant hills of the Sai Kung Country Park, Pak Lap Wan is described as the “Maldives of Hong Kong”; ideal for relaxation, holiday retreat and outdoor activities. Boasting ample opportunities for exploration, it is home to remnants of well-preserved Hakka culture, jaw-dropping mountain views, gorgeous beaches, and scenic trails. The intriguing hexagonal rock pillars are just around the corner at the High Island Reservoir East Dam. You can marvel at its beauty up close.

Tai Long Wan

CNH Base in Tai Long Wan is a unique facility that serves as a museum, workshop area, and shelter for experiential education programs. Located in a beautiful natural setting, the base provides hands-on learning experiences for visitors, while also serving as a vital resource for emergency situations.

Wu Kau Tang

Wu Kau Tang is located in the northeastern part of Hong Kong’s New Territories. It is a mountainous area that is known for its beautiful scenery, unique flora and fauna, and challenging hiking trails. The area is characterized by rugged terrain, with steep slopes, dense forests, and rocky outcrops.

Zengcheng , China

Zengcheng is a centre of environmental tourism with waterfalls, native forest, hot springs and river networks close by. The region is also rich in culture and tradition. A cycle path starting close to the school passes through traditional villages, farmland and historic temples.

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Zengcheng , China


  • Local Farms and Wet Markets 

  • Lychee Picking

  • Buddha and Taoism Temples 

  • Chinese Calligraphy   

  • Mandarin Learning

  • Chinese Medicine Market 

  • Local Factories and Commercial Districts

  • Exploring the heart of Guangzhou City

  • Community Service

Heishan , China

Heishan minority village in rural Qing Yuan country offers participants unique cultural opportunities while being immersed in the rich beauty, customs and landscapes of the Yao People.


Heishan , China


  • Biking

  • Home-stay with Yao families

  • Chinese cooking

  • Service at local primary and high schools

  • Service at the local nursing home

  • Study local agricultural methods 

  • Tea-Picking and tea making

  • Caving  

Niseko , Japan

We propose a School Skiing Course in Niseko, Japan designed for the Senior students between the Grade 6 and Grade 11 who are interested in skiing and snowboarding. Our goal is to provide a fun and educational experience for students while they develop their skills and explore a new culture.

Our school skiing course in Niseko, Japan offers an exciting and educational opportunity for students to develop their skiing and snowboarding skills while exploring a new culture. We believe that this course will not only be a fun and memorable experience for the students but also a valuable learning opportunity. We look forward to providing a safe and enjoyable program for the students at the Utahloy Niseko Villas.

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