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Community · Nature · Heritage  


As an experiential education provider, community is at the heart of CNH. Through acts of services, we give back to the Pak Lap village and its residents through regular beach cleanup and maintenance, installing water fountains, and taking small steps to forming a habit of sustainability such as recycling wastes at our cafe and utilizing repurposed materials. Learn more in our CAS Programme


Surrounded by serene greenery and sprawling pristine white sands in Pak Lap, we aspire young adults to appreciate nature and cultivate a sense of wonder and adventure through our Week Without Walls Programme.  


Heritage is what we have inherited from the past, to value and enjoy in the present, and to preserve and pass on to future generations. As the roots of our culture, we nurture young leaders with cultural experiences and encourage them to build and demonstrate leadership skills, and to practice teamwork through our CNH Leadership Programme.   .

White Sand and Stone

Week Without Walls

Through our Week Without Walls programmes, we desire to cultivate a sense of adventure and wonder that has no expiration date. Every single day is an opportunity to learn, teach and embrace the human experience. Our WWW’s and Discovery Weeks aim to simply open up the door for daily, lifelong wonder and adventure.


CNH can deliver this experiential outdoor education programme as part of the school curriculum. Taught as a unit within the IB programme, students receive two 80-minute lessons on campus where they are introduced to and taught the skills necessary to participate in the CNH WWW programme. The programme is sequential (available for years 1-12), building year by year on the skills taught previously and developing students' competency to work collaboratively and successfully in an outdoor environment.


Each expedition can be up to 5 days and 4 nights long, and will be hosted at Pak Lap in Hong Kong, or in our Winter Sports Center in Hokkaido, Japan. Each expedition is unique in its scenario-based challenges to students, challenging them to solve problems and to step out of their comfort zone in an atmosphere of safety and cooperation. Students reflect on their experiences and the learning that took place and are challenged to transfer this learning to other parts of their lives both now and for the future, identifying how each experience will serve them when faced with challenging situations.

CAS Programme

Nurturing young leaders to become global citizens is at the core of this experience.

Through our programme we allow students to achieve the IBO's learning objectives including:


  • Appreciate nature from the perspectives of farms & village communities

  • Plan an informed service project based on needs analysis aligned with global initiatives

  • Implement service project in collaboration with students and community members

  • Consider the implications of their future actions: ethical, environmental, social, educational

  • Refine and develop individual interests in aspects of teaching, leading, research & budgeting

  • Reflect throughout stages of planning and implementation

  • Acknowledge and learn from challenges along the journey

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Leadership Programme

Climb to New Heights (1-3 weeks)

Leadership is emphasized throughout all CNH Educational Programmes. Participants have opportunities to demonstrate and build their own leadership competencies through individual and team challenges, service adventure and cross-cultural experiences.


CNH Leadership programmes are catered to students, faculty or corporate teams. Leadership activities and discussions focus on identifying and implementing participants' personal/professional strengths, character and leadership goals. Team building activities and discussions focus on enhancing teamwork, cooperation, problem- solving, communication and reflection.


CNH offers leadership and team-building programmes customized to your team or organization's specific goals and objectives.

We believe in learning by doing

This means gaining insight into the world through purposeful experiences. From climbing a mountain, learning how to give first aid and harvesting veggies in our garden, our activities are geared to create the optimal learning environment anywhere, anytime. Every unique experience in life is an opportunity. An opportunity to learn, reflect and make personal changes. CNH employs the hope that through our guided experiences, our learners will be agents of change in a global community.

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