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Ken Chung

CNH Programme Manager

China New Horizons

With over 20 years of outdoor education experience, Ken specialises in creating outdoor education programmes for the youth. He is a certified instructor of various outdoor activities, such as climbing, mountaineering and water sports. Ken spends his leisure time in motor-crossing, mountain biking and sailing. You will easily find Ken in the mountain trails during the weekends. He is also an avid sailor, exploring the waters of Sai Kung often with friends and family.


Q: What inspired you to join the industry of education?

A: When I was young, I participated in various types of outdoor activities in nature. My first outdoor camping trip started with a uniform group. I was immersed in outdoor adventure sports, such as training, and competitions and spent most of my leisure time in outdoors. At that time, I was glad to have met inspiring coaches that influenced me to study and learn to become an outdoor coach myself. Equipped with the relevant skills, knowledge, and attitude. After graduating from the university with a major in Sports and Recreation Management, I started my career in experiential education in NGOs, youth organisations and tertiary institutions.

Q: What is your favourite CNH programme and why?

A: Our multi-day educational programme that incorporate attributes of environmental protection and leisure sports. We can put environmental education into practice for the younger generation, and provide them with meaningful learning moments that can have an important, long-lasting impact in the future. I believe mindset and attitude develops early, and we are glad to offer a welcoming environment for youngsters to learn. There is no better way than to exercise our programmes to educate the next generation in treasuring mother nature.

Q: How do you spend your leisure time in Sai Kung?

A: I enjoy spending my long weekends and holidays going on bike camping or motor camping, exploring the road less travelled, both locally and overseas.

Q: How does CNH and its programmes stand out from other outdoor companies in Hong Kong?

A: What I like about Pak Lap is that we are always looking for a way how to make our place more sustainable and how to link the local community, nature and heritage together, our core values exceeded from a solely outdoor activities standpoint, and at the same time, diversifies and enriches our content to

balance education and fun for our young leaders. 

Q: Describe your most memorable experience here in CNH

A: The best moment is when you see Pak Lap coming to life with a beach full of curious, giggly students. I love watching them running around, learning about our community, the nature, acting on our Leave No Trace philosophy, and most important of all, stepping outside of their comfort zone and taking on challenges, whether it be climbing or kayaking, and that they are bonding and cheering each other on...these precious moments are often treasured as students celebrate every success. We see how it is that through team challenges we are bringing students together. And I'm always surprised to see children taking up a leader position and jumping on solving challenges such as bamboo raft building and coasteering.

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