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CNH Experiential Education Conference

China New Horizons proudly invites all experiential education professionals, IB CAS coordinators, outdoor instructors and researchers to its 2nd annual Experiential Education Conference (EEC). The theme of the conference is “recognise the good practices of educators in experiential education.” We hope that this will be a platform where we can all explore and share new skills, knowledge and attitudes. 

Our conference will take place from Saturday, 1st to Sunday, 2nd June 2024, featuring sessions and workshops based on key topics members of our network of experiential educators have requested. Our programme will consist of workshops and panel discussions on topics such as risk assessments, creating leadership opportunities, equipment review and much more!



To provide a platform for educators, researchers, and practitioners to exchange ideas, experiences, and best practices in experiential education. Through interactive sessions, workshops, and presentations, the conference aims to inspire and equip participants with innovative approaches and tools to enhance learning outcomes, foster student engagement, and promote social and environmental awareness. The conference also seeks to promote collaboration and networking among participants to build a community of practice that can advance the field of experiential education.



Day 1:

12:00 PM - Registration and Lunch 

1:00 PM - Welcome and Introduction 

1:30 PM - Keynote Speech 

2:30 PM - Coffee Break 

3:00 PM - Panel Discussion: Trends and Challenges in Experiential Education 

4:00 PM - Coffee Break

4:30 PM - Concurrent Sessions 

  - Session A: Best Practices in Service-Learning

  - Session B: Best Practices in Outdoor Education

  - Session C: Using Technology to Enhance Experiential Learning

6:00 PM - BBQ Dinner 

7:00 PM -  Networking 

Day 2:

7:00 AM - Run-Swim

8:00 AM - Breakfast 

9:00 AM - Concurrent Sessions 

  - Session D: Incorporating Social and Environmental Justice in Experiential Education

  - Session E: Making the Most of Study Abroad Programs for Experiential Learning

  - Session F: Creative Techniques for Team Building and Leadership Development

10:30 AM - Coffee Break 

11:00 AM - Workshop: Designing Effective Experiential Learning Activities 

12:30 PM - Lunch 

1:30 PM - Closing Keynote 

2:30 PM - Conference Evaluation and Certificate Distribution 

3:00 PM - Departure


Click on hyperlink below to register for the event. 

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