Who we are

Adventure & Cross-Cultural immersion in Hong Kong & Mainland China

China New Horizons (CNH) is an experiential education provider that aims to raise global awareness and international mindedness. Our programmes are delivered through five domains: Leadership and Adventure, Service, Chinese Language and Culture, Globalisation and Modernisation, Environment and Sustainability.

CNH has been operating in Hong Kong and Mainland China under the Utahloy Education Foundation since 2013. We are closely tied to Utahloy International School Zengcheng, an IB world school, and maintain international standards for safety and education.

CNH programmes are designed and facilitated by talented and passionate educators experienced in adventure-programming, service-learning, language studies and cross-cultural facilitation.

What We Believe

To provide a purposeful learning experience that inspires a sense of wonder, optimism and sustainability. Through our emphasis of adventure programming, team-building and cross-cultural understanding we pride ourselves on individuals developing into more globally conscious and effective leaders for the 21st century.

Interdisciplinary Domains

  • Chinese Language and Culture: Develop and refine both written and spoken Mandarin language skills through intensive lessons with a trained language instructor.  Be immersed in culture.  Engage with minority tribes' people or taste the many flavours of unique Chinese dishes and more!  From religions and beliefs, to martial arts and dance, we offer endless opportunities to inquire into and gain a greater understanding of Chinese culture.
  • Globalisation and Modernisation: Through exploration of some of China’s diverse historic, economic and societal developments, gain first-hand understanding of what drives and complicates the world’s second largest economy.
  • Environment and Sustainability: Learn and participate in both modern and ancient agricultural practices. Gain insights into China’s rapid growth through factory visits, as well as the environmental impacts herein. Visit a plant that is converting garbage into thermal energy and discover how China has joined the environmental revolution of the 21st century.
  • Leadership and Adventure: Sharpen and develop skills while exceeding physical and perceived limits through kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling, orienteering, camping, hiking, cycling and more. Demonstrate and build leadership competencies through various individual and team challenges. Leadership activities and reflections focus on identification of personal/professional strengths, as well as character and leadership goals.
  • Service: Develop global citizenship and initiative to act. Each service-learning opportunity allows students to investigate, plan, collaborate, implement, reflect on and evaluate their experience.

Experiential Learning Model

We believe in learning by doing, not just doing to do. This means gaining insight into the world through purposeful experiences. From caving in karst, mountainous topography to planting and harvesting tea in remote Chinese communities, our activities are geared to create the optimal learning environment. Anywhere. Anytime. Every unique experience in life is an opportunity. An opportunity to learn, reflect and make personal changes. CNH employs the hope that through our guided experiences, our learners will be agents of change in a global community.

Here is a deeper look into our experiential learning process:

We utilize a four-stage cyclical learning process which begins with a concrete experience wherein the learner experiences an activity. The second stage, reflective observation, is when the learner consciously reflects on the experience or activity. The third stage, abstract conceptualization, is where the learner attempts to conceptualize a theory or model of what is observed. The fourth stage, application or active experimentation, is where the learner is trying to plan how to test a model, theory or plan for a new experience. Collectively, this process emphasizes personal growth imbedded within each activity.