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PoChi Ng

Lead Programme Facilitator

Po Chi

With over 30 years of extensive outdoor education experience, PoChi is dubbed the "encyclopedia" focusing on sea kayaking and team programmes development. He is a certified ACA Level 2 Sea Kayak & SUP instructor, ACLG life rescuer and first-aider. He is an avid kayaker and photographer. In his free time, you will find PoChi exploring the majestic caves in Sai Kung GeoPark, looking out for a secluded beach or the best spot for sunrise photos.


Q: What inspired you to join the industry of education?

A: Since my day in the industry, I have always been very passionate about taking on the role in nurturing young adults. I enjoy seeing their amazing transformation and growth, through various outdoor activities, the participants, whether they be adolescents or adults; can learn to realise their potential. By challenging their own perceived limits, the course can build up their confidence, foster independence as well as interpersonal coordination skills and to develop a positive mindset in overcoming difficulties. Through exploring the wonders of nature, it is also a process of self-exploration that reaches an enlightenment and an ultimate celebration of life.

Q: What is your favourite CNH programme and why?

A: My favourite programmes in CNH involves natural scenery as I am a photographer myself. Programmes like the Sea Caves Kayaking Exploration, Star-gazing & Sunrise Hike, River Eco-tour and diving activities allows us to get up close with nature and wildlife. Through interacting with nature and experiencing outdoors, one can improve one's relationship with nature, and hence raising awareness for its conservation.

Q: How do you spend your leisure time in Sai Kung?

A: During my spare time, I like to read up on various topics to enrich my knowledge of nature. Listening to music really soothes my emotions and lets me live in the moment to appreciate the nature that is surrounding us. We also enjoy sailing in weekends and joining sailing competitions with my friends!

Q: How does CNH and its programmes stand out from other outdoor companies in Hong Kong?

A: What is so great about CNH programmes are its diversity and versatility in terms of venue. You get to experience different types of activities and terrains all in one spot, so that there is the element of adventure and yet at the same time closely monitored and in a controlled environment so that really gives us freedom and less limit to what we can create and acheive. 

Q: Describe your most memorable experience here in CNH

A: The highlight of my experience with CNH has to be this one time whence I was leading a star-gazing & sunrise hike, we caught a glimpse of the rare "Leopard Cat" - do not be alarmed by its name; it is no bigger than the size of a domestic cat, the nocturnal feline is slender, with marked prominent black stripes and white muzzle. It travels so fast that a sighting up close is an absolute rarity that will be my treasured memory.

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