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Programme Facilitator

China New Horizons

Our latest addition to the boy band, Marcus is our youngest and brightest. Although no stranger to the rocks, Marcus has over 3 years of outdoor education experience, specialising in rock climbing and coasteering programmes. He is an avid climber and Rescue First-aider. In his free time, you will find Marcus challenging cliffs and rocks along the coasts of Sai Kung.


Q: What inspired you to join the industry of education?

A: It began as my personal hobby and interest, and what better way to turn my interest and passion into a career? I truly appreciate the chance to learn about nature and to learn from my experienced colleagues here in CNH.

Q: What is your favourite CNH programme and why?

A: My favourite programmes in CNH is definitely kayaking. As an avid climber, kayaking was a whole different world to me, and I thank my colleagues in encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and learn and now I am completely transformed, and I look forward to every sea adventure there is to offer.

Q: How do you spend your leisure time in Sai Kung?

A: During my spare time, I enjoy exploring climbing routes available along this beautiful coast. Hiking is another fond hobby of mine that I share with Po Chi. I also like to spend time time with my cat, as I love being around animals and nature.

Q: How does CNH and its programmes stand out from other outdoor companies in Hong Kong?

A: I love how diverse and inclusive CNH is, whether it be the team or the venue itself. Everyone comes from a different field of expertise and we gather together to bring and combine different strengths on the table. I find that teamwork is amazing here, everyone is very helpful and genuinely excited about our job and creating the course.Our most energetic is at our team meetings where we share past experiences and brainstorm for yet another exciting journey we can bring about to students, teachers and friends.

Q: Describe your most memorable experience here in CNH

A: Definitely my morning runs with colleagues here in CNH. I vividly recall my first morning run as we gaze upon the first strand of light forming the silhouette of mountains, as we watch the sunrise at Pak Lap Tsai beach, I was so bewildered by the magnificent sight in front of me, it is to date, the most amazing moments I've ever experienced! 

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